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Hostal Lagarto Ciudad. The Ideal destination to enjoy your stay in Cuba.

With a privileged location in the Historic Center of Cienfuegos Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Hostal Lagarto Ciudad provides the visitor with the ideal proximity to the main tourist and cultural attractions of the city. Our accommodation has 7 spacious, elegant and comfortable rooms each with private bathroom; its spacious rooms, balconies, terraces and inner courtyard and a service of excellence and quality are the perfect combination to enjoy your stay in Cuba.

Dear visitors, from next September 30, our website will be out of service by new laws on web hosting in our country, from that date you can follow us on social networks and book through them or directly by our email.

Our house is a beautiful eclectic building which takes advantage of the elevation of the street to stand out within the architectural set that surrounds it; it has been completely restored, preserving the floors, columns and moldings of original plaster of walls and ceilings. The rooms have been carefully decorated in perfect harmony with the eclectic style of our hostal, which makes our accommodation the ideal destination for your stay in Cuba.

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Public Wi-Fi network (no additional cost), but in order to connect you will need Nautas navigation cards, which can be obtained at the airport or at any Etecsa point of sale in the country.(In our house we do not sell the cards)

Comfortable rooms carefully decorated with a refined elegant style and the attentive and pleasant atmosphere of our accommodation are the perfect blend to make your stay in Cuba a unique and unrepeatable experience.

The excellence and quality in the service and a unique and personalized attention makes Hostal Lagarto Ciudad the ideal accommodation so that during your stay in Cuba you can enjoy all the comforts offered by our house.

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With a 100% positive opinion on TripAdvisor, Hostal Lagarto Ciudad becomes the ideal destination to enjoy your stay in Cuba.


Located in the central-southern area of Cuba, the province of Cienfuegos is land of proud and charismatic Cubans, with a Historic Centre recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. It is the only Cuban city that was born to parents from other countries, mostly French, something that gives it a unique French-like atmosphere that remains until our days…read more.

cienfuegos ideal destination to enjoy your stay in cuba


Cienfuegos is renowned for the wide variety of activities it offers its visitors, from walks through its blue bay, diving and snorkeling, its excursions to the waterfalls of The Nicho and Botanical Garden or its routes through the historic city where you can find monuments, buildings of beautiful architecture and its cultural centers that show the best of Cuban art and culture.