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Hostal Lagarto Ciudad. Private house for tourist accommodation in Cuba.

Hostal Lagarto Ciudad is a private house dedicated to tourist accommodation in Cuba, owned by the Lleonart family with more than 20 years of experience in the activity.

Rules of Procedure
Hostal Lagarto Ciudad

Dear guest, our house has a regulation for your safety and ours, please take one minute of your time to read it.
  1. All guests must present a valid identification (passport) and in this way be registered and formalize your check in.
  2. Payment of the reservation will be made in cash at the time of your arrival at our house.
  3. The time of entry to the rooms is at 3:00 pm, only in case the room is free before that schedule, the guest may check-in before the scheduled time without additional charge.
  4. Departure from the rooms is at 12:00 pm.
  5. If you wish to make breakfast at our hostel you must request it when making your reservation or at the time of your arrival at our house. The payment is in cash.
  6. Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10 am. In case you need breakfast at another time you should request it to the staff of the house.
  7. Sexual companions are not allowed to enter our house.
  8. Firearms, explosive, flammable, narcotic, or explosive materials are not allowed in the hostel or similar substances.
  9. Any damage or loss caused by the guest to the property, real estate and property owned by the hostel must pay it according to the value established by the house. Payments of this type are made immediately and cash.10. For the convenience of all our guests, pets are not allowed.
  10. No loud or loud music is allowed in common areas or rooms.
  11. As of 22:00 p.m., it is requested to speak in a low voice and from 24:00 a.m., a total SILENCE is requested. guarantee the rest of the other guests.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rooms, otherwise you will be charged to your account. The areas where smoking is allowed are the terrace, the interior patio and the balcony.
  13. Children under the age of 18 must travel accompanied by at least one adult. The responsible they must sleep in the hostel and they will respond before the law in accordance with the regulations in force when they damage the real estate or inventory.
  14. Any situation not foreseen in this regulation will be resolved by the owners of the House.
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